Add money to your pocket with our Referral program

Your network is your net worth

Spread the word and enjoy €1000:
 1️⃣ €500 upon hiring of your referral
 2️⃣  An extra €500 once your referral has reached the 6 months seniority milestone within Monizze

Refer someone

Help a friend / relative and get rewarded for it

A referral is someone who you believe will be a great addition to the Monizze team.
When you refer someone for a job, our team will handle their application in the same way as any other.

If they're a good match all around, we'll be welcoming your referral among us and rewarding you for it.
It isn't just about filling job openings.

When you refer someone, you're not only assisting them in securing a job, but also welcoming them to join a community dedicated to working together to achieve excellence.

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What's a referral?

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What's Monizze referral?

How does it work?

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1. You discover there is an open vacancy at Monizze

Whether you subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on social media, or visit our career webpage, you may discover that you know the ideal candidate for the job.

2. You put your friend and Monizze in contact

Send your friend's CV by clicking on refer a friend button, attach their CV and mention the role your friend / relative is applying for

3. We inform you whether or not your referral is our future colleague

At the conclusion of the interview process, Monizze will inform you whether your friend / relative will start with us.

4. Share your contact details with us

We send you a document to fill in so you can receive you well-deserved bonus.

5. Your money will be transferred  

You will receive €500 on your referral's first day of work and another €500 after your friend has completed 6 months with us.

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Help a friend - relative apply and add €1000 to your pocket

Refer someone

Help a friend apply and add €1000 to your pocket


Can I introduce someone I don't know?

No. The concept of the referral program is that you vouch for someone you know would be a good fit compared to the job description. Therefore you need to know what kind of person you are introducing :)

How long will it take to receive the money?

After you've provided your banking information, it may take up to 20 days, depending on the level of activity during that period.

What percentage is net in my pocket?

You get 66% in your pocket, meaning 660 Euro.

How to declare this extra bonus?

When completing your tax form, you have the option to include the amount you received during the year under "miscellaneous income." For instance, if you received half of the total amount, you should enter 500 euro.

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When are referral conditions not relevant?

Referral conditions do not apply to individuals seeking student or internship positions or those who have had prior contact with our recruitment team within the past year.

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What's Monizze referral?


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